Runescape: The Fantasy MMORPG Game

Runescape is one of the most popular free MMORPG games available. The game's popularity is due to the fact it is an MMORPG game, meaning it is a multiplayer role playing game. The thrilling fantasy game was developed by Jagex, a video game developer based out of England. Jagex was published in January 2001. Popularity grew and more versions of Runescape were eventually released. Ever since its publication over a decade ago, over two hundred million accounts have been formed by players on the game's interface. With that many users accounts, Runescape had been awarded the title of being the world's largest and most updated free MMORPG.

Runescape is set in an imaginary world called Gielinor. Gielinor is set in a medieval time period that is separated with kingdoms, regions and cities. Players allowed to travel throughout the land with a variety of ways including by foot, spells and watercrafts. The various regions pose different challenges for players to face. The regions have spooky monsters and quests. Players get to create their uniquely own avatars. Since the game does not follow a liner timeline, the avatars or players decide their own timeline and goals. The players develop their skills through completing quests and fighting off monsters. Players are allowed to communicate with other players through chatting, trading and mini activities. Players are allowed to purchase the game's version of gold. Runescape gold is vital for success in this game because everything that players can purchase to use to level up against bosses is bought in the game's currency of runescape gold.

Skills, combat, player interaction and quests are how players succeed in Runescape. There are 27 skills included in the game. When a player uses a skill they get points for the experience. Once a player accumulates a certain amount of experience, then the player gets the change to level up. Some of the skills include mining, fletching, woodcutting and fishing. Seventeen levels are free and an additional ten are available for members.

The game includes a combat system. Defeating monsters through the combat system allows for players to complete quests. A player only has so many life points in combat. When the life points deplete to zero, means a players resources will be locked away for a certain amount of time. A player can regain its life food and beverage consumption and through certain abilities. Once a user has came back into the game, the user can continue to combat mosters.

Runescape allows for two types of interaction: player versus player combat and non player interaction. Player versus player combat allows for opponents to battle each other to gain more rewards. Non-player interaction involves combating shopkeepers and characters in the game during completing quests. Monsters and demons can also be combated in non=player interaction.

Quests are chosen by players that follow a detailed storyline. The quests have requirements. The requirements include combat levels, quest points and skills. Rewards are distributed to players upon completion of a quest. These rewards include money, quest points, more experience with skills and access to new areas in Gielinor. Once a player completes all of the quests, the player is rewarded with the title of Quest Point Cape. But fear not of that being the end of the game, new quests get released.